The Charismatic Woman Salon
Become Irresistibly Magnetic
to Romance AND Riches

Join an Elite Group of Women who are on a
Life-Changing journey...

With a New Expanded Vision.

Achieving goals that felt 'IMPOSSIBLE'
until now.

You're About to Discover a Program
That Will Change Your Life Forever

"Since I have been doing your program, my life is just exploding with excitement. Everything I visualized is coming to pass. I am just amazed that exactly within the time frame, wealth started showing up. Now I'm retired and living part-time in Hawaii! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

– Miriam Lois Serman
   What qualifies me to say that? You see, over 30 years ago I cured myself of an incurable disease and discovered something that had a profound effect on my life (and I'm certain it will have the same effect on yours, too).

   I discovered the secret science used by Hawaiian Masters for over 3000 years to bring invisible desires into visible reality. After more than three decades of putting this science into practice and teaching it to others, I have complete confidence that these universal principles of manifestation will work for anyone who knows and applies them.


And now it's your turn.
Imagine You Could Have ...

ruby1  A Magnetic Business Model for you to outrageously prosper and thrive sharing your Sacred Gifts.

ruby1  A Master Mentor (Kala H. Kos) who personally helps you - in monthly private and group sessions - to shift your beliefs and expand your limits.

ruby1  An Expert Money Adviser (CPA/CFA) to review your finances and set a plan to achieve your dream lifestyle and protect your future.

ruby1  A unique Sacred Gifts Process with a Gifts Expert to personally uncover your life-purpose path.

ruby1  A Charisma Home-Study Program with 4 weeks of Audios, Videos, and Guidebook outlining a Step-by-Step Ancient System to create Miracles.

ruby1  A supportive Master Mind Team of purposeful, successful, spiritually motivated entrepreneurs like you.

ruby1  A Charisma Membership Site with secret manifestation materials to guide you to the breakthroughs you crave in love, business, creativity & vitality.

ruby1  A private Charisma FB Group for ongoing support and networking with other successful individuals.

ruby1  And imagine feeling you have an Amazing Life. EVERY day.

If this're going to love
what I'm about to share with you.

If you nod your head "yes" to at least some of the following, you are certainly in the right place at the right time...

You definitely want to have more money coming easily to you from many different sources...
You want a renewed enthusiasm about life and your own potential to attract fabulous opportunities and make a difference...
You're ready to boost your charisma and irresistibly draw people, praise and admiration...
You know you have some limiting subconscious beliefs that you could side-step with just a little help...
You suspect that simply working harder isn't going to help you become truly successful and financially free...
You'll already made lots of money but still feel "there has to be more to life"...
You realize that working hard at finding a relationship doesn't work...
You're ready for a profound experience of yourself and life's mysteries.

   I cannot stress how important The Charismatic Woman® Salon will be in creating the life of your dreams. There is nothing like it anywhere. This is your key to contentment, peace-of-mind, and a deep connection to your true Self, others, and the wonders of the world.

   In this powerful mentoring program, you can now satisfy your longing to actually...

Create a Life
Of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity!

"Kala teaches a brilliant new paradigm that shifts you out of the old model of striving for success and prosperity, into becoming the magnetic field in which abundance and opportunity occur naturally."

- Debbi Lang, CEO, Health & Vitality Center 

   If you've been having a sinking feeling that no matter what you do, you can't get what you want...

Well, I've got GREAT news for you -

  I can show you a powerful system of Magnetic Energizing™ to align with your inner magnetic Essence and your Energy in such a way that your cherished dreams will unfold before your eyes - and you will create MIRACLES.


"She has a formula...and just amazing miracles seem to occur!"

- T. Harv Eker, Best-selling Author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Listen to Harv's Surprising Response

“If You’re FED UP with Settling For Less, Being Invisible,
or Pursuing rather than Attracting Love & Money...

...Then Decide NOW to Become the CHARISMATIC, Confident Woman Who Easily Attracts Extraordinary Romance and Riches”   


"My income doubled in 2 weeks because your mentoring opened up the space for me to value myself. As I continued, my business increased by 400% and I lost 23 pounds! My life has come into a place of blessing, abundance and expansion because of my internal work with you, Kala. I am more in touch with my feelings, thoughts and my true desires.

I am looking forward to using the Formula again to manifest my Beloved!

- Lori Serra, ND, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy


I Married the Love of my Life!
Only 4 months after joining the Charismatic Woman Salon I met my Beloved! He proposed to me on my birthday and we married on his! I am so grateful, Kala, for everything you taught that helped me attract and marry the Love of my Life!

- Lori Dubetz, ND, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy


First Date Soul Mate after 29 Years!
“I met my soul mate on my first date in 29 years and YOU had a role... After working through the core issues in my marriage & separating last March I started feeling ready to have a soul mate. I used your Charismatic process to call him in. I could feel the power of it immediately. Met him March 28, the day before my birthday.”

- Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide
[Pamela & Mark are happily married.]

And I Am Going to Help You Every Step of the Way...

This Program will Give You the Biggest Blanket
of Support You've Ever Experienced

   This in-depth Mentoring Program includes many layers of powerful support through my Empowerment Academy: one-on-one coaching with me, group coaching, a master-mind group of amazing women, advice from our academy experts, private belief-sculpting & manifesting sessions, weekly emails, as well as resources drawn from the best success sources that I know. In addition, you will have accountability feedback weekly.

This is for you if:

ruby1  You feel a frustrating gap between the life you're living now and the life you want to live.

ruby1  You sense you are at a turning point and you want to shatter what’s in the way of the rich possibilities you want for yourself.

ruby1  You may know (or be uncertain about) the steps you need to realize your potential, but you need a boost and support to ensure you get there.

ruby1  You feel drawn to express your gifts and talents but have no idea how to get them out into the world and support yourself financially with them.

ruby1  You have accomplished amazing things and been a spiritual adventurer for years and yet you still feel restless for something more...

  If this is resonating with you...

  By the end of our time together, you will have done so many things you always wanted to do, but never felt like you had the tools or the support to accomplish - until now!

Let Me Personally Mentor YOU to
Achieve Extraordinary, Consistent Miracles

  If you want to experience more prosperity, creativity and love, than ever before...

  Apply for a limited-time NO COST 30-Minute "Discovery Session" with me so we can plan how to make 2017 your BEST YEAR EVER!


Kala H. Kos, PhD
CEO, Founder
The Empowerment Academy

   An expert in personal empowerment, Dr. Kos is a recognized visionary teacher and author. Her teachings have increased the incomes, success, and personal power of thousands of people globally through a unique manifestation system called Magnetic Energizing.

   Since curing herself of an incurable disease more than thirty years ago, Kala has repeatedly applied Magnetic Energizing™ in her life to achieve her own dreams. She went on to become a professional actress in New York and Los Angeles; a producer and host of several TV shows, an international author with books published in North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland; as well as an accomplished healer in various modalities. All of this was done while continuing her studies - and in 2003 she received her Doctorate in Psychology. Her latest book is The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success, How to Awaken Your Hidden Power for Love and Riches.

   For three decades Dr. Kos has dedicated her life to sharing this powerful system with success-minded people who wish to Become Magnetic & Attract Miracles. (Visit: Her workshops and speaking engagements enjoy inmarkkalaternational acclaim.

   When not travelling, she enjoys time at home on Oahu, Hawaii, with her beloved husband, who she gratefully attracted through the process she teaches.

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