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   Imagine having the life you choose – with the love of your life. Feeling peaceful, grateful and content.

   Imagine tapping into a whole new level of passion, purpose and prosperity.

   Imagine attracting love and riches in an easy and relaxed way, in only 10 minutes a day.

   Can this really be your reality? Absolutely!

Imagine You Could:

Dissolve Inner Obstacles to Love and Prosperity

Boost Your Level of Energy and Charisma

Discover the Secrets of Your Subconscious Self

Access Your Higher Wisdom to Create Miracles

Know What You Really Want in a Partner
  and Attract an Ideal Mate

Experience Outrageous Results

Now you can!

   But first – there is a ROOT CAUSE that is creating the symptoms of an unfulfilled life – and, if you want something different, it simply must be released!

   For example… Do these occur in your life?

Fearing You'll End Up Unhappy, Unhealthy, Alone or Broke. Or worse, when your mind dwells on these incessant fears, you get the feeling that you'll NEVER have the life of your dreams.

Feeling Incomplete, Like Something is Missing but You Don't Know What It Is or Where to Find It. So you try even harder to "fit in" and "make things work." Then you realize you've become a CONTROLLER - and STILL you're NOT getting the results or the relationship you want.

Having NO Time or Energy for Fun, Laughter, Creativity, or Taking Care of YOU. You get frustrated and tired of multi-tasking so that everyone else gets handled while you DEPLETE YOURSELF and find little joy in your days.

Having the SAME Feelings and Experiences of 'Being Let Down' Over and Over and Over… You have the experience of feeling secure with someone or something and then SUDDENLY something CHANGES - you aren't even sure why – you just feel like the rug was pulled out from under you.

   If you've been having a sinking feeling that no matter what you do, you can't get what you want…

   Well, I've got GREAT news for you — you're in the right place at the right time.

From: Kala H. Kos, PhD
Oahu, Hawaii

   Aloha! My name is Kala H. Kos. I'm an International Trainer, Author and Empowerment Expert, and my programs have empowered thousands of people around the world through a proven, unique system that brings remarkable results.


   In a step-by-step 4 week program I teach women like you a 60-Day Magnetizing Formula, so they know exactly what to do to attract good fortune, fabulous opportunities and the love of their lives - and then they do it!

   I am about to share secrets that were once known only to the ancient masters. This knowledge will absolutely change your life – it changed mine!

   I'm known as The Empowerment Expert – because helping my CLIENTS create their cherished dreams (without the struggle) is what I do best!

   Why am I so confident that I can personally help you create more money and love in your life? Because…

• For 30 years I've successfully helped people, in ALL kinds of situations and circumstances, to achieve REMARKABLE RESULTS.

I have specifically tailored these UNIQUE teachings to show you exactly what to do to attract a loving relationship and a prosperous life.

I have a fantastic track record envied by multi-millionaires!
(Don't believe me? Listen to the whole introduction below…)

   Here's what multi-millionaire entrepreneur and best-selling author, T. Harv Eker, said when introducing me in a personal interview:

   "She has a formula based on the ancient knowledge that is a catalyst for windfalls of money and opportunity. And I can tell you…these are things like:

   "I did your workshop and 2 weeks later I received a check for $38,000! Or…

"I couldn't sell my house and suddenly I did your workshop - and not only did I sell my house, but I sold it for $7000 more than I was asking for it!

   "And just amazing miracles seem to occur!"

    T. Harv Eker
    – T. Harv Eker, Best-Selling author of
      Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

   Yes, I do make bold claims – because the system I teach brings bold results.

   If you want to experience more prosperity, creativity and love, than ever before, this may be the most important letter you'll ever read!

   If you nod your head "yes" to at least some of the following, you are certainly in the right place at the right time…

…and you're going to love
what I'm about to share with you.

You definitely want to have more money coming easily to you from many different sources…
You want a renewed enthusiasm about life and your own potential to attract fabulous opportunities…
You're ready to boost your charisma and irresistibly draw people, praise and admiration…
You know you have some limiting subconscious beliefs that you could side-step with just a little help…
You suspect that simply working harder isn't going to help you become truly successful…
You've already made lots of money but still feel "there has to be more to life"…
You realize that working hard at finding a relationship doesn't work…
You're ready for a profound experience of yourself and life's mysteries…
You want your personal relationships to be harmonious and joyous…

   I cannot stress how important The Charismatic Woman® program will be in creating the life of your dreams. There is nothing like it anywhere. This is your key to contentment, peace-of-mind, and a deep connection to your true Self, others, and the wonders of the world.

   With this powerful program, you can now satisfy your longing to actually…

Create a Life
Of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity!

   Would you like the next two months to be a profound turning point in your life?

   If your answer is "yes", then you will be called to step out of the old conditioning of your past and into a new expanded vision of yourself.

"Kala teaches a brilliant new paradigm that shifts you out of the old model of striving for success and prosperity, into becoming the magnetic field in which abundance and opportunity occur naturally."
– Debbi Lang, CEO, Health & Vitality Center 

   You will experience a system of ancient secrets so simple, so startling, so wonderful that it can start you on an adventure that will make your life majestic and overflowing with good!  Here's what I mean…

   "I am a single Mom and one of my major goals in your course was to travel. My daughter has had pictures on her wall of her dream-spot, Greece, since she was 8 years old (she's now 19.) While doing the Prescription, I was hired into a new job where I get paid for vacation time - and now my daughter and I are travelling to Greece and Turkey on May 31st. VERY EXCITING! I know my other goals are in process as well, as I continue to use the tools I learned from you. Thanks so much."
– Tammy R.   
Langley, BC   

You're About to Discover a System
That Will Change Your Life Forever.

"Since I have been doing your program, my life is just exploding with excitement. Everything I visualized is coming to pass. I am just amazed that exactly within the time frame, wealth started showing up…and continues to flood in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
– Miriam Lois Serman
   What qualifies me to say that? You see, over 29 years ago I discovered something that had a profound effect on my life (and I'm certain it will have the same effect on yours, too).

   I discovered the secret science used by Masters for over 3000 years to bring invisible desires into visible reality. After more than two decades of putting this science into practice and teaching it to others, I have complete confidence that these universal principles of manifestation will work for anyone who knows and applies them.

And now it's your turn.

   You'll be astonished at how simple these ancient principles are to apply. The techniques based on them are also incredibly simple to use – but they work. And they'll work for you!

   Perhaps you're doubtful about that…Perhaps disappointments and discouragements have left you feeling like you'll never experience your cherished dreams. Believe me, I'm no stranger to disappointment and discouragement.

   Here's a bit of my unusual story:

   How I Was Led to Uncover A System That Saved Me From A Life Of Misery

   In my mid-twenties, at the height of a career in travel, I was diagnosed with a potentially fatal and incurable disease called ankylosing spondylitis.

   From a vibrant life of travel and opportunity, I spiraled into a world of quiet desperation, fear and pain. After three long years of suffering with the devastating symptoms of this disease, I experienced a flash of insight about the "mind-body connection" that transformed my perception - and I set out to create my health again.

   A Year Later, Three Baffled Specialists Examined Me And Couldn't Find a Trace of the Disease in My Body.

    I had cured myself of an 'incurable' disease.

   This life-changing experience led me on a search to discover the secrets for creating a successful life.

   I was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and an age-old science of manifestation. Fortunately, I was tutored by several masters of this knowledge who were experts in creating astonishing results.

   The more I studied this system, the more I realized that the same principles I had unwittingly used to recreate my own health, are the same principles that create love and wealth.

   And the more I applied these principles, the more I became successful myself. The more I practiced the knowledge and refined the system for others, the more successful I became.

   I was later encouraged to adapt the ancient wisdom passed on to me, into a modern system. I did so – and in the process discovered the powerful results that occurred when I infused this system with the energy practices of ancient India. I call the process and essence of this unique alchemy Magnetic Energizing™.

Magnetic Energizing™ Is
Deceivingly Simple…
Yet Powerfully Effective.

   You Really Can Attract What You Choose. How do I know this?

   Simple. I know, because of the remarkable results experienced by thousands of regular women over a broad spectrum of ages and nationalities.

   This program has been tailored specifically over 25 years of successfully working with people in all kinds of situations. I've discovered exactly what does and what doesn't work when it comes to bringing dreams into reality.

   I've proven this system works time and time again.

   I'll show you exactly what to do for your situation.

Here's a typical example:

   Peggy wanted a relationship but had been alone for so long, she doubted it could happen.

   I encouraged her to practice a simple inner technique, and shortly after, went traveling for a month. When I returned, we saw each other at a gathering and very excited, Peggy said:

   "While I was doing that technique for attracting an ideal mate, I realized that I was so busy I didn't have space in my life for someone. That made me wonder if I really did want to make space for a man. But once I got clear that I did, I kept doing the technique, and suddenly I was dating different guys. Then my sweetheart showed up!"

   Much later, Peggy sent an email to say:

"We Are Engaged to Be Married."

   "Matt and I have such a loving, close relationship and I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me. Which leads to my big and happy news: we are engaged to be married in September!"

    – Peggy Kemp

Peggy and Matt were married on Kauai

Why Do Most Women Fail To Create
The Life They Want?

   Through my work, I have come to recognize a serious problem common to so many women:

   Most women don't have anything like the life they want.

   In fact, the vast majority lead lives of quiet desperation with no idea how simple it can be to create the fulfilling life they long to experience.

   The funny thing is, many of them who come to me challenged with loneliness or financial limitations, are baffled about why their lives aren't changing. In fact, they don't have a clue.

   However, when I offer an explanation and a solution, they are skeptical that an 'inner system' can help create the life they want.

   Their 'outer work' has left them without the results they want, and still they're reluctant to change.

   In fact, they allow their skepticism to keep them from trying something different. Clearly, they don't want to make a change, even when they say they do.

   That puzzled me until I realized that it really makes sense considering the dangerous bill of goods they were sold by the learning institutions and the media .

The Dangerous Myth That's Costing You
Love and Money

   Schools, professional associations, and the media, teach you that competence, abilities and beauty are everything. And that good fortune goes to those who work hard, have the best skills and the best looks.

   But let me ask you something: Is this really how it works in the real world?

   Of course not. If that was really the answer, there wouldn't be all those women who have less skill than you, who work less and are less attractive, but who are enjoying more good fortune.

The dangerous myth that's costing you love and money is:

That The Inner World Has No Power or Value and That Only the Outer World Will Bring You What You Want.

   The Majority Of Women Will Spend Their Lives In Anguish And Frustration Over Unfulfilled Dreams.
Here's why…

   Living a life of unfulfilled dreams is merely a symptom of believing a complete illusion.

   Let me explain:

   Your life struggles and your current circumstances have nothing to do with who you really are – or your true potential. They are symptoms of your inner world – what's going on beneath the surface of your life.

   All of the issues and limits of your life are generated by certain unseen 'patterns.'

   Let's call these 'patterns' your Inner Prompters.

   Your Subconscious Self has been impressed, even before your birth, with these Inner Prompters.

   Now, it is essential to recognize that these Inner Prompters are where you get all your ideas about yourself.

   These prompters tell you what you can and can't do, whether you feel like a failure or a success, loved or loveable, attractive or ugly. They all depend on your Inner Prompters.

   The problem is that these Inner Prompters become self-fulfilling prophecies because, as you identify with them, you attract equivalent circumstances, people and conditions.

   Some of them are all about survival and scarcity – prompters you blindly accepted as reality when you were a toddler or ones that were pounded into your head later by others.

    Your future is mapped out according to these Subconscious Prompters.

    If you think that all this "inner stuff" is just "New Age Woo-Woo" click below to hear for yourself what best-selling author and multi-millionaire, T. Harv Ecker, commented to his listeners while interviewing me about my inner system.

Here's The REAL Truth:

T. Harve Eker
Click below to hear
the interview of Kala
by T. Harv Eker

   "I just want to say one thing – I have to interject for a second – is that okay Kala? Ten percent or less of your success comes from your tools of what you know. 90% is going to come directly from the inside. It's this kind of stuff – no matter what anyone says – "Oh, this is more New Agey, this is Woo-Woo. I want some meat and potatoes." This is the meat and potatoes. Everything else is the gravy. And if you don't understand that, that is why you are not rich, okay? When you really get it, that it comes from the inside…that's when you will get rich. Sorry Kala, I just wanted to make sure people get the importance of this." — T. Harv Eker

Give Me 2 Minutes and I'll Show You Exactly What Inner Prompters Are Giving You The Life You've Got

   In The Charismatic Woman® Program, I will show you the nasty Inner Prompters you've adopted that are holding you back from having the life you want.

   BUT, suppose you had a way to by-pass your Inner Prompters?

   And suppose you knew How to Awaken Your Inner Power to Attract Love and Riches, so that romance, abundance and opportunity come to you instead of you pursuing them.

This Program Reveals How To
Simply By-Pass Your Inner Prompters.

"Kala, your program has super-charged a feeling of prosperity into my very bones and I am attracting events and people that increase my abundance...even my relationship has deepened."
– M. Antilla
   Listen, I know you've been to all the workshops, read all the books and probably even walked over hot coals…and you're sick of still being 'stuck'!

   I bet you even blamed yourself because those systems didn't work for you. What you didn't realize is – it's the systems that don't work – not you!

   The fact is, most of those people who "claim" to know how you can transform your life, have never done it themselves - let alone been the catalyst to transform others!

   The difference between them and me is – I've been to the depths of despair, transformed adversity into triumph, and then revealed the secret system I discovered so that anyone can produce astonishing results!

   When you by-pass your Inner Prompters, your outer world will change and you will quickly find that:

You'll let go of your limits and experience more fun and success…
You'll feel clearer and lighter about life. Expect the best and receive it…
You'll boost your charisma and irresistibly draw friendships, romance, and opportunity to you…
You'll begin to receive what YOU really need and want - without feeling guilty…
You'll have a profound sense of who you are and the ability to accept life as it is…
You'll have more money coming easily to you from many different sources…
You'll realize that working hard at finding a relationship doesn't work and you'll attract it instead…
You'll become an inspiration for others. See how you fit into the Bigger Picture…
Your personal relationships will be harmonious and joyous…

   What Makes This Program So Different? 

   First, this practical psychology of the ancient Hawaiians teaches exactly how the three aspects of yourself – your Conscious, Subconscious and Super-Conscious self – work together as a team to create your experience.

   If you understand the function, the tools and the motivation of each aspect, then you can direct them to bring your visible dreams into visible reality effortlessly.

   Second, the "magnetic energizing" practiced by the masters allowed them to influence and manage inner and outer forces to experience amazing results. And you can easily learn the magnetic energizing process.

   This program, unlike any others, shows you how to use seven age-old secrets combined with four simple tools…to direct the greatest natural force available to humanity, so that you too can manifest astonishing results

   "In this course you're going to learn how to direct the 3 Aspects of your Self - the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Superconscious. You're going to learn…"

   This process is practical, easy to use, and works like nothing else you've ever seen.

   It accentuates both inner and outer fulfillment. Plus, these highly successful techniques are remarkably simple to use right from the start. This is not success through fear, stress, struggle and overwork. This is success through "charisma."

We need less posturing and more genuine charisma. Charisma was originally a religious term, meaning "of the spirit" or "inspired." It's about letting God's light shine through us. It's about a sparkle in people that money can't buy. It's an invisible energy with visible results.

– Marianne Williamson, from A Return to Love  

   The Charismatic Woman® program is a completely different approach to success and partnering. And it's extremely effective.

   You will get the results you want…

"This is the first time I have ever experienced a formula that actually gives results. At the end of 28 days, my business increased - orders started coming in from everywhere!"

– Ayoma Fonseka, Toronto, Ont  
Renowned Cake Designer,  

"I was delighted to join Kala for The 60-Day Prescription. At the completion of the two months, I am happy to announce that I have been showered with some amazing good fortune! My long awaited dream for a unique wedding, came together beautifully for the lucky date of 07/07/07. My wonderful husband and I then boarded "The Wellness Adventure" Cruise to Alaska. We had the incredible opportunity to renew our "brand new vows", thanks to the Captain of the MS Noordam. Upon our return, I was gifted with an unexpected inheritance! What more could I ask for? Thanks so much Kala for your invaluable manifesting program."

– Debbie R, Educator,  
Vancouver, Canada  

   "Before I did your program to attract more love and abundance, I had been out of relationship for seven years. My life has changed dramatically since your course! I am very much in love with my soul mate, who is now my husband, and my daughter adores him.

   "When I met Bryan it was as though I had been in a black box sealed tight and squared off with sharp edges. When we came together there was this incredible opening and softening. Even though I sense a feeling of being complete within myself, this huge space keeps expanding, taking me to deeper levels of love every day. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings."

– Cindy Brady,
Fitness Trainer

   These women saw their dreams come true. You too Can Attract What You Choose.

Here Is What You'll Discover in
The Charismatic Woman® Program…

How Magnetic Energizing will propel prosperity and love to you instead of you pursuing them.
You'll immediately and exponentially increase your own energy level…
A strategic 60-Day Prescription for immediate implementation.
In only 10 minutes a day, you'll be astonished by your good fortune long before the 60 days are completed …
The simple but powerful keys you'll use to bypass your nasty unconscious patterns.
You'll sidestep old limiting patterns you didn't even know you had and you'll stop struggling and depriving yourself of the things you love and want…
The 'flip-switch' that will allow you to overcome the most self-defeating mind-set.
Once you realize you can flip that switch any time, you will be able to harmonize easily with what you want and receive it…
A simple fast-acting technique that boosts your charisma – a strong invisible magnetism that irresistibly draws others to you.
Through an exercise that takes LESS than five minutes a day, you'll attract the opposite sex like crazy.
How to Expand your Sphere of Availability.
What is available to you right now is your sphere of availability - limited only by your beliefs and expectations. We'll upgrade your expectations and you'll see opportunity and romance materializing easily…
The "SDUF-Buster" - to boost your confidence.
The less SDUF (Stress, Doubt, Unhappiness and Fear) you have in your life, the more confident you are. The higher your state of confidence, the greater the flow of energy to create your dreams and the more attractive you become to others…
An Orgasmic Reflex Exercise you can practice once a week to increase your personal power by unblocking your sexual energy.
You'll discover that the O.R.E. can be used for better sex or to build high energy to power your goals…
How to draw your ideal mate to you with a simple 3 minute-a-day inner technique.
A simple fool-proof way to harmonize relationships, even from a distance.
You can even use this method to clear the energy of past relationships that may be blocking you from meeting your soul mate…
WARNING: One seemingly innocent culprit can undermine your confidence, interfere with your memory and make you older faster. Discover the mind-body technique that can alleviate it immediately.
Enter the Stillpoint Zone that opens the doorway to fantastic abilities and reverses aging.
And lots, lots more…

A 60-Day Prescription
To Guide You Through The Process

   If you've ever purchased a self-improvement course, you probably received a lot of "Rah Rah" positive thinking information that left you without a specific plan to do anything with it!

   That's why I've designed The Charismatic Woman® Program as an easy to understand step-by-step 60-Day Prescription that tells you exactly what to do to change your life.

Here's What You Get in Your
Charismatic Woman® Program

 1.  The Charismatic Woman® 4-CD set and online digital program will turn everything you be
lieved about money and love on its head! This program set describes how shifting your focus and working with "Magnetic Energizing", can by-pass your unconscious limits and quickly transform your destiny.

   This set is made up of recordings of a Live Teleseminar with women just like you. You'll hear their challenges and triumphs as I lead them (and you) through the 60-Day Prescription for radical change in only 10 minutes a day.

 2.  The empowering 55-page Charisma System Guidebook, takes you by the hand and walks with you every step of the way through the powerful, effective principles, techniques and assignments, in an easy-to-understand approach. It tells you exactly what to do to get the results you want.

   Learn step-by-step how the 60-Day Prescription is designed to give you your own individual blueprint for positive change and personal growth. You'll have my three decades of experience working with people worldwide to formulate this powerful system especially for women.

   AND FINALLY, to encourage you every step of the way to implement the simple formula in the 60-Day Prescription, I've added these fabulous bonuses…

I've Made SURE
The Charismatic Woman® Package
Comes With The Following
*Free Bonuses*

   If you Order Now

   These are the 4 Very Special Bonus Gifts You'll Receive…
Absolutely Free!

 Free Bonus #1:

My Latest Book
"The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success,
How to Awaken Your Hidden Power for Love and Riches"

   The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success outlines in step-by-step detail the secrets used by Masters for over 3000 years to bring invisible desires into visible reality.

   This book reveals seven age-old secrets combined with four simple tools that affect and enhance the most sought after states of all human beings: love, wealth and health.

   When these teachings are incorporated into your life, you will become more loving and loved, enjoy greater affluence, and experience dynamic, good health.

Here's what Gene Wallis wrote from Australia:
   "I want to thank you for your book, Kala. My life has changed beyond belief. I'm now living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it. Life began again half way through the book. Thank you and God bless you."

   I GUARANTEE YOU, "Ecstasy and Success" is unique - and the simple techniques are extremely powerful. This $150 value — FREE!

   Here is what authors, Mark Victor Hanson, cocreator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series - that has sold over 70 million copies – and Robert G. Allen, one of the most influential investment advisors of all time, have to say:

   "This little book wowed me! The simple techniques work - and they work like magic. Ecstasy and Success will definitely help you live your dreams."
Mark Victor Hansen,  

Coauthor of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul
   "Ecstasy and Success is a quick read jampacked with wisdom that will lead you to a greater destiny."
Robert G. Allen,  

New York Times bestsellers: Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income &
Coauthor, The One Minute Millionaire

 Free Bonus #2:

The 2-CD set and digital version, Ecstasy and Success Power Techniques and Meditations

        The meditations and exercises on this 2-CD audio program detail the practical techniques of using breath, sound, movement and imagination to produce positive changes in your life. In each exercise, I personally guide you as you go through the Charismatic process. This $47 value — FREE!

Power Breath To increase your personal power and magnetism.
Orgasmic Reflex Exercise To unleash your sexual energy to power your goals.
SDUF-Buster To clear Stress, Doubt, Unhappiness & Fear.
Triple Ace Technique To bring invisible dreams into visible reality.
Counteracting Negativity Exercise To dissolve and neutralize any criticism and negativity.
Top Ten Turn-On's To experience more ecstasy in your life.
Charismatic Breath to expand your sexual charisma, also known as "animal magnetism".
Attracting Your Ideal Mate Technique to accept your new love into your life.
EWOP Exercise to turn your concerns over to your Super-conscious Self and see that "Everything's Working Out Perfectly – EWOP"
Harmonizing Relationships Exercise to improve your relationships with others from a distance effortlessly.
Stillpoint Meditation to enter The Zone and witness instant success.
And so much more!


You Can Be Sure It Will Work For You

"Wealth Started Showing Up
and Continues to Flood In."

"Since I have been doing your program, my life is just exploding with excitement. Everything I visualized is coming to pass. I am just amazed that exactly within the time frame, wealth started showing up…and continues to flood in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
– Miriam Lois Serman, Los Angeles, CA  

"I Was Beginning to Convince Myself That…
a Soul Mate Would Not Exist For Me."

   "A while ago, after regularly manifesting the wrong kind of dates, I was beginning to convince myself that what I truly desired, a 'soul mate', would not exist for me. I've been out of relationship for two years and just wanted to let you know that one month after practicing what I learned from you, I met my soul mate!

   "My man showed up just as expected and he even fits just about every one of the 57 items on my list, and is very close on the wishful ones (hey, there's always time for him to fly his own luxurious plane.) To find me, he even had to travel to my city. It's now been 6 months and we're both eternally grateful for the magic of the wisdom you teach."

– Christina M 

   I guarantee that you can use this Prescription again and again, and achieve new levels of personal mastery each time. There is no end to the amazing outcomes you'll create each time you repeat the program.

"I Can't Wait to See What Other
Fabulous Things I Will Attract  
it is Wonderfully Exciting!"

   "I just wanted to let you know that, since returning from Greece, I bought a townhouse just a few blocks from where I live.... it is wonderfully exciting. Once I come up for air, I would love to do the 60-Day Prescription again to see what other fabulous things I will attract."

  Hugs, Tammy

   Through this innovative program you'll have the opportunity to go even deeper and release negative belief patterns and emotions - as you discover the secret route to navigate your future. You'll find yourself taking full charge of your destiny as you breakthrough old limitations.

   Believe me - This knowledge is priceless.

   Knowing the unique 'Magnetic Energizing system' will reward you with greater vistas and promise for your life than you ever dreamed.

   It will give you the ability to make your life vigorous and purposeful and full of abundance - with less effort.

   You can be sure it works and will work for you - as it has for so many others.

   And just how do you get access to this program?

To receive the Charismatic Woman® program
schedule your 30-Min FREE Session for a
"Love & Riches Breakthrough" NOW!

  Look, we live in uncertain times. Now more than ever women are being called to "Wake Up" and step into their true power in a way that can benefit the people of the world and this planet. Imagine experiencing a whole new level of aliveness and awareness. Sharing your gifts and talents. Being rich doing what you love. Imagine the satisfaction of contributing your abilities or your financial resources to make a positive change in the world. What would it be like if you had this mindset and this life right now? Imagine you DO!

May I again commend you with ALL the enthusiasm I can express via email - your new program is FANTASTIC!!! The information is clear, easy-to-follow, comprehensive, and you provide excellent examples. The information has added to my repertoire of techniques and skills that are really building my feelings of ecstasy and bliss!
– Laura V. Rodriguez  

   Consider this: Let's say you don't join this program… where will that leave you?

› Will you find your ideal mate by using your current strategy?
› Will you honestly be any closer to financial riches?
› Will you be manifesting your dreams?

   Probably not.

   Will you be aggravated with yourself later for not trying everything possible to live your ideal life?


   I can't make the decision for you. It's 100% up to you.

   I can help you, but you've got to take the first step.

   For you to get different results in your life, you've got to do something different.

   Why not invest in yourself – and learn how to create a life of your choosing?

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Me ke aloha pumehana – with warm affection,

Dr. Kala H. Kos
Dr. of Psychology, Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Academy
Author of The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success & Magical Manifesting Creator of Subconscious Success Reframing, specializing in Mindset Mastery plus Life & Business Transformation.

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   Here are some participants from a variety of my courses, who tell you in their own words how easy it really is to magnetize love and riches quickly, effortlessly and with pleasure:

"I Sold My House for $10,000 More…"

   "After doing your program, I sold my house for $10,000 more than I thought I could get for it. I also was able to negotiate with the owners of the present house I purchased, to reduce their price by $34,000."

– M. Murphy, Chiropractor
"I Met the Man Who Soon
Became My Sweetheart."

   "On Valentine's Day, 2004, I learned your Magnetic Energizing exercises for attracting an ideal mate. This is what I noted down then: 'I feel like my soul mate now knows I am looking for him. I even had an inner experience of feeling his presence.'

   "On May 13, I went to a business networking meeting and met the man who soon became my sweetheart. One day I got out the list of qualities that I had made in your workshop, about what I wanted in a partner. The list described him perfectly! Even my shy cat loves him! Now we are living together."

Teya F, Web Designer
"We Have Had Our First Month
With Over 1,000,000 in Sales…!"

   "Since my last testimonial, our company has been growing steadily, and it is with great excitement that I am sharing this news with you. In 21 years, we have had our first month with over 1,000,000 in sales, and we still have a week to go! The huge increase in sales started just after I took your course. Also, I am really enjoying working again like never before."

Bobbie Kalman, Author and Publisher
"My Own Income Has Nearly Doubled!"

   "Kala, I wanted to let you know the results of taking your course. I've been promoted! In addition to managing the sales staff of a niche newspaper publication I'm also getting to do some innovative transformational work with the sales staff of the daily newspaper. What a delight! But I've saved the best for last -- my own income has nearly doubled! It's been a privilege to work with you."

– Linda Lusk, Sales & Marketing Manager
"Their Offer Was $15,000.
I Almost Fell Off My Chair!"

   "So many wonderful events have happened since I learned your techniques. For brevity, I will tell you about two:

   "I saw a part time job advertisement in the paper that looked interesting. I was curious about it so I took my resume and dropped it by the office. They loved my resume and I was hired with what was the easiest interview I have ever experienced.

   "Secondly, I needed to settle with an insurance company for an accident. I programmed for a $12,000 settlement and when I went to a meeting with the insurance company, their offer was $15,000. I almost fell off my chair! Life has been great since I took your program! Many thank you's."

– G. Crosby, Entrepreneur
"I Now Own an Apartment on Kauai
That Has Tripled in Value in Three Years."

   "Since applying your teachings, my life and my prosperity have opened up. First small amounts of money came in from everywhere: old debts, refunds, insurance. I now have the car of my dreams. It just fell into my lap and the license plate even had my birth date on it! My passion is Hawaii and I visualized a place there. I now own an apartment on Kauai that has tripled in value in three years. Yahoo!"

– Jan Gibbs, College Instructor
"The Perfect Job and Exactly the Amount
of Money That I Programmed For…"

   "The course was just what got me to the point of being able to get the perfect job and exactly the amount of money that I programmed for during the following 30 days. Thank you, Kala!"

Rikke N., Seminar Facilitator
"An Early Inheritance of $10,000…Wow!

   "Kala, I'd like to share an amazing success I have had since your course.

   "I made a decision to go back to school in the fall to do a one-year program that would cost me $7,000. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for it but decided to have faith and keep using the methods I learned from your course.

   "While I was doing the program, a close relative called to tell me he was giving me an "early inheritance" of $10,000. This person had no idea I was planning on returning to school. I was speechless after this phone-call. Wow!!"

– K.Lund, Nutritional Coach

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